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09/14/14 11:59 AM #29    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson


Karen and I went to Federicis on 10th Ave. in Belmar, NJ.  That used to be Vesuvios, where I had my first pizza in the 8th grade. After that, I drove to Asbury Park, went down Cookman Avenue, and than to the beach. Although, as you know, it has been built up again, which is nice, it is not the Asbury Park Boardwalk I remember. As the old saying goes, you can never go back to the past. Only through pictures,and personal memories can we go back.

I did discuss with Karen about our site, but, at this time, she is still not interested in joining. She did have fun at the reunion, but I guess we will just leave it at that.


09/16/14 09:56 AM #30    


Vincent Gorman

Good morning Ginny,

I remember Vesuvios and have been to Fredericis in recent years when we visit our daughter in Jersey.  Sounds like you had a very nice visit with Karen including literally driving down memory lane.  As you wisely said, we can’t go back to the past, but we certainly can rely on our memories (however fading they may be today) to recall Asbury’s "Glory Days" and how fortunate we were to experience it firsthand.

Working on the web site and interacting with fellow classmates since our reunion has provided me even a greater appreciation for our time together at APHS.  We were truly blessed, although I didn’t have a clue how lucky we were at the time, to come along when we did.

Not surprised Karen decided to not join the site given her aversion to computers. Can’t say I blame her as there are times I’d like to throw mine out the window.  She, as well as the rest of us, can look forward to our 55th to catch up with everyone.

Oh, by the way, how was the pizza?  Pete and Elda's is still my favorite with Mom's Kitchen a close second.

All the Best,


09/16/14 08:02 PM #31    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson


That expression, you used, Asburys Glory days. That is so true. I used to think it funny when older people always talked about the past, "the good ol Days". Now, I find myself doing that same thing. And, they really were good old days. How can you beat living 2 blocks from the beach. Or listening to our Asbury Park band with Frank Bryon. Or our wonderful football games, the best. Oh how lucky we were.

You and I were in the same driving class with Mr Pandolf( I think it was Mr Pandolf), do you remember that?

My favorite place for pizza is still Vics in Bradley Beach.

I have a question, I found a picture of my Dads high schol graduation class from 1920, from Asbury Park High School.It is a wonderful sepia color picture, very clear. Do you think anyone from our class would be interested if I posted that to the site where others placed pictures. I think Asbury Park High was on Bond Street at that time. There were between 50-75 students in that pictures. Perhaps some of us were children of those 1920 grads. What do you think? Or , is it  not appropriate for our class or would  not be interesting to others.?



09/16/14 10:42 PM #32    


Steve Klitzman



Nice to read your exchange with Vinnie Gorman about pizza at the Shore. In August I had a pizza from Vic's in Bradley and it was good but not great. Where is "Pete and Elda's," Vinnie?

Sorry Karen Freedman Becker doesn't want to join the web site but glad she enjoyed the reunion.

I was driving in Belmar in August and at 8th and Main it looked like they had torn down Freedman's Bakery which had been there on that corner since the 1940s, or maybe earlier. Did they go out of business or relocate or are they rebuilding there? Ask Karen next time you speak with her?

Congrats again on your new grandchild- same for Vinnie.



09/17/14 10:12 AM #33    


Vincent Gorman

Hi Ginny,

To be honest I pilfered “Glory Days” from Asbury’s adopted son Bruce Springsteen’s hit by the same name.  His lyrics tell it all – “Glory days well they’ll pass you by…in the wink of a young girl’s eye.”  As you point out from your many fond recollections of APHS I imagine a lot of of us from the class of ’62 can similarly cite numerous reasons why our young girl’s eyes were yet to wink.  One simply needs to read our classmates’ profile comments to understand the true definition of “Glory Days.”

Yes I do remember our driving class with Mr. Pandolf and feeling like I didn’t get enough time behind the wheel - - must have been a guy thing.

Forgot about Vic’s – agree they have great pizza.  We ate there almost every Friday night in the late seventies.  The kids loved it -- so many good pizza places to choose from!

As for posting your dad’s grad picture from 1920 you should do whatever you feel is fitting. How about posting it in the Memorabilia section of the site along with a little history about APHS – including its original site and eventual relocation to its current site?  I’d be happy to help in any way – just let me know.

Have a great day…Vinnie

09/17/14 10:34 AM #34    


Vincent Gorman


Pete & Elda’s is on Rt. 35 in Neptune City a couple miles north of Kelly’s.  Best thin crust pizza anywhere!  Here’s recent picture of Riley Morgan – grandma is ecstatic. Thanks for your congrats.


09/17/14 03:17 PM #35    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson

To Stephen Klitzman,

Yes, Freedmans Bakery is gone. It seems like it was there fovever.

Karen and I did talk about that. Her oldest brother, Herbie was the one who ran the bakery. He retired, as he was several years older than us.  They sold the property.  It is now going to be a beer production plant. Karen said, "well at least there is still yeast involved in some way." She , of course, is very sad about the building being torn down.

I have a similair feeling. On F street in Belmar, over the old Rivoli Movie theater on 9th avenue, was my Fathers Dental office. That day when was is there,  2 weeks ago, I noticed that the entire building, the movie house, the Suguar Bowl, and the office where my Dad had his practice, all gone. 

Steve, if you drove around to the Belmar beach, you saw every pavilion, every anything on the boardwak is gone, due to Sandy. all those wonderful pavilions with so many great  memories, all gone.

The one bright note for me, The Michelson house, the one my Dad lived in from 100 years ago, is still there. It has been  very well kept up. It was on 13th avenue, first house, behind the post office. I have a picture of my Dad, and his brothers on the porch of that house from 1914. Exactly 100 years. I left a copy of that picture to whoever lives in that house now. They were not home that, so I didn't get to speak to that family. So nice to see that house  still looking so pretty.

Also, on another subject, Steve, did you every get in touch with David Franklin? Before, or after the runion. I know we tried hard to find him, so perhaps you were successful.





09/17/14 03:35 PM #36    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson


That is not a guy thing, I also felt I didn't get much time behind that wheel. And I missed the first 2  weeks of that class, so was way behind the rest of you guys.  I can't rememeber the other 2 guys in that class. Do you recall ? In my mind, i can only see 2 shadow people, no faces.

It was my older brother, Marshall,  who really took me out to learn to drive.


09/17/14 11:01 PM #37    


Steve Klitzman



I remember your house near the Belmar Post Office. I'd love to see the picture to which you refer.

"Sugar Bowl"-- i hadn't that name in years and sad to learn it's "gone with the wind" along with the Rivoli Theater, your dad's dental office, etc. Same re: Freedman's Bakery.

As for David Franklin, he's still among our "missing in action" or "inaction." No contact info on him at all. Am I right that he once lived on 13th Ave. also not far from your house?

I'm pasting bleow our current list of really missing classmates for whom we have no contact information, If you or anyone else knows where any of these folks are please let Vinnie and me k now:


REALLY MISSING CLASSMATES (as of September 17, 2014)


1. Jean E. Krukovsky Barone (last bad address: 606 8th Ave., AP, NJ 07712)

2. Gloria Mae Casey Burnett (last bad address: 230 Winding Ridge Drive, Neptune, NJU 00753)

3. Linda Mazza Christensen (last bad address: 805 Schley Ave., Toms River, NJ 08755-2323

4. George F. Comber (last bad address we had was in Holmes, Florida)

5. James Connelly (last bad address: 287 Sandlewood Drive, Bayville, NJ 08721)

6. Barbara Jane Cook (last bad address: 1639 N. Main St., Williamstown, NJ 08094)

7. Dorothy Anne Fischer (last known address in NYC)

8. David Jay Franklin

9. Kathleen Galfi

10. Paula Jean Goldberg

11. Marcia Lee Gordon (last bad address: 12 Eventide Place, Levittown, PA 19054)

12. William L. Graham (last bad address: 5011 Dixie Hwy., NE, Palm Bay, FL 32905)

13. Charles Greenberg, Jr.

14. James R. Howard (last bad address: 310 Spruce Drive, Brick, NJ 08723)

15. Mary Ann Jones

16. Edward King

17. Michael M. Landis

18. Marianne Lillis (Bushe)

19. James T. Parker

20. Linda Jayne Peles

21. Joseph Aloyious Quigley, III

22. Lenora Robinson

23. Charles H. Smith (last bad address; 12 South Walnut Circle, West Berlin, NJ 08091)

24. Willie Mae Tinsley

25. Victor Valente

26. Stuart Wyzell


Steve Klitzman



09/19/14 05:12 PM #38    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson

Steven klitzman,

Yes, you are right, David Franklin did live on 13th avenue. i lived on 13th next to B street, and he lived on 13th, second house in from E street, going towards F street.

he has 2 sisters, Judy, and Gilda. i still hope someone who knew either of them, might have the info that we need to find him. Gilda was 3 years ahead of us, and Judy was 3 or 4 years younger than us. Is there any way to contact those web sites, I mean the class of 1959 or 1967 or so and see if any of their classmates know of them. I did once see Judy Franklins name on,and I wrote to her, but never got a response.

i tried to see if I could find David on facebook, but after the 400th David
Franklin, I gave up on that. Also tried July and Gilda on facebook, but no luck either.

Thank you for posting all the missing. You never know who might have a hint of information on them.


09/20/14 06:20 PM #39    


Vincent Gorman


Wish I could tell you who the other folks were in our driving class but, frankly, I have trouble remembering who my cart mate was in yesterday's foursome.  


09/20/14 10:29 PM #40    


Ira Wexler

Vinnie - Don't think you were in my driving class but i do remember that Hal Shulman was -- instructor was Mr P?? Can't recall --


09/20/14 10:34 PM #41    


Regina (Ginny) Michelson


At least you're still puttering around, even if you  don't remember where you put the cart.

I have been thinking about your suggestion of doing a history of APHS. I have now taken a book out  about Asbury Park from  the  local library. Unfortuately it does not have very much info on our school, other than the dates of the original high school and the present location of our school built around 1927.I saw a picture of the original high school, and recognized the front steps where my fathers class picture was taken. I know there may be info on the web, but I think this will require a trip to Asbury Park itself (only 1 hour from my house), My eyes burn alot, if I do too much reading on the internet. So, I will try and get to Asburys historical society, and the school itself. Or the Asbury Park library.  It will be fun.

You mentioned you could help me.I can do the research and  write the article, but, I don't have your gift with words. I can;t write with the flurishes that you have to make it fluffy and pretty. Please  let me have your email address, Vinnie, so I can let you know my progess.Maybe you could critique my writings and make it more interesting.So, this will make it a joint project.   I do think there would be lots of interest in such an article. . How does that sound? I like the idea.


I love history and local history. When I lived in State College,Pa,  I did lots of reading of the history of Penn State University. I like that type of thing.

Writing such an article would be my 15 minutes of fame.


09/21/14 10:48 AM #42    


Vincent Gorman


Yes the driving instructor was Mr. Pandolf.  He's the father of Jay from Manasquan. Big time rivalry between the Blue Bishops and Warriors back then. Times have changed though just like much of the environment we enjoyed so much. 


09/21/14 11:05 AM #43    


Vincent Gorman


Haven’t lost a cart yet, thank goodness, but can’t say the same for a golf ball or two over the years. 

Count me in as a partner in the APHS history project. Who knows, depending on how things unfold we may even recruit others along the way to help out as needed.  Given your interest in history, especially local accounts, and past experience with the PSU undertaking it should prove to be a fun and informative venture.

My email is  Look forward to working with you.


09/21/14 02:17 PM #44    


Ira Wexler

Ah yes, Mr Pandolf.. I recall sitting in the back seat while Hal was driving... some kinda black Chevy - stick of course.   In later years that experienced turned into an insurance discount for Driver's Ed..


01/30/15 02:47 PM #45    


Howard Daniel

This is a new thread (well, it'll be a thread if anyone follows up on this!). I just want to say thank you to all those who created the new MEGAPHONE gallery. What a kick -- a whole year's worth of MEGs from our junior year! I worked on the MEG all four years I was at APHS, ending up as editor-in-chief in our senior year. It was a lot of work, but I loved every minute of it, and I made a lot of good friends there, with most of whom, unfortunately, I've lost touch. But I'm still in touch, more or less, with a few, including Steve Klitzman, Toby Appel, Victor Friedrich and Arlee Reno. And, while I always remained involved with writing, for the past 20 years or so I've been making my living at it. If anyone is interested, please check out my website,, or look me up on Facebook or LinkedIn -- (my personal Facebook page), (my Pen-for-Rent Facebook page), (LinkedIn).

01/30/15 05:28 PM #46    

David Russell

All right already, you guys and girls make a guy feel bad! I am now on Waterb Island, USVI until May. I was in NJ for the first time in 20 years this summer. Stayed at Gus Villapiano"s and had a crazy time! Tried to see as many friends as I could, however time was a constraint. A mini reunion/memorial was held in Long Branch for Bobby D, it was fantastic! All you Stormers and Ulps would be jeolous. Among the attendees were Jane Fary DeSarno, Danny Lee, Tom Willingham, Dave Vannote, Carmen Donofio, and Scotty Buist(the Penguin) and several others I knew but could hardly recognize!! It was way too fast, kinda like life is right now! The pics of the Naples reunion were great! You are all looking wonderful! The love shared after all these years and miles is incredible. I sincerely hope to meet up with as many old friends as I can as soon as I can! Smiley Vogel was a no-show! Rats (Dave Russell)

02/01/15 04:22 PM #47    


Howard Daniel

Following up on my previous message about the MEGAPHONE, I'm reposting below the "School Story" item from my own page, which is all about the MEG. Hope you find it of interest.

The coolest thing I did at APHS was work at the Megaphone, where I began as a reporter in our freshman year and eventually worked my way up to editor-in-chief as a senior. We were one of only two high school papers in the state to publish on a weekly basis (others were typically monthly, bimonthly or even quarterly), which required a great deal of work and dedication on the part of the entire staff -- not only gathering news and writing it up, but editorials, features, sports reporting, photographs and cartoons.

And we had a business staff responsible for selling the paper every Friday afternoon (a dime a copy) and beating the bushes to get ads from local businesses to keep us financially afloat.

We made three trips each week to the printer in Bradley Beach, who was still using Linotype (a machine that created each "line of type" from molten lead). No computer word processing or layout in those days! When all the articles and ads were printed, we'd bring the galleys back to school (or occasionally, someone's home, after classes) and do a "paste-up," laying out the issue one article at a time and pasting everything in place, as straight as we could manage, with rubber cement. What a job!

And what a team we had! In senior year I worked most closely with Managing Editor Steve Klitzman, Sports Editor Harold Shulman (Hal's Huddle), Copy Editor Victor Friedrich, Cartoon & Photography Editor Alan Segars, Business Manager Toby Appel, Circulation Manager Arlee Reno and Advertising Manager Diane Fischer.

Each year, we'd submit our work for judging by the Scholastic Press Association of New Jersey (SPANJ) and, much to our disappointment, we'd get what seemed like an undistinguished evaluation. A few weeks before graduation, Steve Klitzman, the incoming Class of '63 editorial team and I drove up to Upsala College for the annual SPANJ awards program and were shocked and overjoyed when it was announced that the MEG had been named one of the Top Ten high school newspapers (actually #8) in the state -- unprecedented recognition. The education editor of the Newark News, who announced the award, said something to the effect that he was amazed that any high school paper could do such a fine job every week. It still warms my heart when I think about it.

02/02/15 10:49 AM #48    


Vincent Gorman

Howard – what a great story!!!   Thanks for sharing.  Hopefully your former colleagues will join the “thread” and share recollections about their MEG experiences.  Reading the MEG some 50 years since our APHS time together rekindles so many fond memories.  You and all the MEG staff have given us a never-ending gift.

02/02/15 11:26 AM #49    


Vincent Gorman

Dave – so good to hear from you.  We just want to know how you are doing -- especially since it’s been so long since last communications.  What a nice tribute to Bobby “D” and Jane.  Wish I knew about it as I would have loved to attend.  Janet and I got a chance to visit with Bob and Jane at our 50th reunion -- it was so good to see them.  Was unable to attend the Naples mini-reunion but did get a chance to work with Lynn to get the word out.  From all accounts everyone had a great time and want to do it again soon.  As you said – time passes so quickly so we need to get on with our business now.  If you ever are in or near southeast NC you are welcome to shack up at the Gorman’s.  BTW – Jane has a condo not far from us in Wilmington.  What’s the story with Smiley – had hoped to see him at our 50th but couldn’t make the connection.  If anyone knows how to reach him please let us know.  Wish you the very best Dave – safe travels my friend – and hope to see you soon.

06/24/16 04:18 PM #50    


David Charp

The Santa Rosa California Free Medical Clinic has been up and running for 18 months. It was started around the time I retired my medical practice by 5 retired M.D.'s, Nurse Practitioners, R.N.'s, 2 social workers, a pharmacist and a few receptionists. All work is donated. I'm the Monday doctor. An old house was converted into a four exam room clinic. In the past year we treated about 2,000 patients, some for multiple visits, all for free. This also includes lab tests, X Rays and medicines. Our budget, easily raised by excellent fundraisers, is $300,000, and we think we saved these low income patients, as well as the city, county and state (who by default would pay for their care), about 2 million dollars. Patients I've seen range from a child needing bits of glass removed from her foot to identifying early and promptly starting treatment on a middle age migrant worker with potentially deadly meningococcal menigitis. When you work and get paid, after taxes maybe you get to keep 70%. When you receive someone's heartfelt thanks and gratitude, you get to keep 100%. I'm lucky to be able to still do some good.

After three operations last fall, on both shoulders (from too many years of throwing a million fastballs), and a fractured hand (hit while up at bat), and then a winter of casts, braces, splints, 50 physical therapy sessions, and most important, help from my wife, whom I even needed to take me to the bathroom, I'm back pitching each week, the second oldest player in the 700 member California Baseball League. I look forward to next month's Bay Area Tournament, played in the major league ballparks, against guys half my age, some of whom were former major leaguers. Then in October I want to again pitch in the U.S. Amateur World Series in Arizona. To be 72, on the mound mano-a-mano against a good hitter, how lucky is that?

But the most luck I was given was to marry Gail, and tomorrow we leave for Maui with our children, their spouses, and 5 grandchildren, for our 50th wedding anniversary. A very wise person said a long time ago the most important four words are "This too shall pass." Grab all the happiness you can, while you can, and never let a good moment be taken for granted. David Charp

06/25/16 10:25 AM #51    


Howard Daniel

Wonderful post, David, and an even more wonderful thing you are doing. Mazel tov on the free clinic and on your high-flying baseball career! Mazel tov!

06/25/16 07:42 PM #52    

Eve (Martha) Mattingley (Hannigan)


How wonderful to hear of your good work -- not to mention continued baseball participation!  I was having a kind of hot-and-tired grumpy day and reading your post just turned that right around.  I find myself wondering if by chance you know Dore Stein, of Radio KALW "Tangents" fame, who is also a Bay Area baseball player...?  (I'm in Oakland, by the way... another "migrant" from APHS, though after 45 years in California it's sometimes hard to remember I've ever lived anywhere else.)

Classmate Eve (Mattingley-Hannigan)


06/25/16 08:55 PM #53    


Robert Benson

If I can use a word that we used in HS Dave, what you and your cronies are doing is way too COOL. That goes for the baseball but especially for your charitable medical operation. Oh yah, and for your family commitment too.

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