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Asbury Park High School
Class Of 1962 - Fifty-Five Years and Counting


WelcomBlue Bishops!!!




All in the Family

Here's the latest All in the Family contribution. 

Sixth Edition 


Teacher/Coach Serge Rey and wife Linda

Small World Story

A few months back Serge Rey celebrated his 84th birthday...CONGRATULATIONS Coach Rey!  Many of our classmates passed along well wishes to Mr. Rey including some who he coached in either swimming, wrestling, or soccer.  While expressing his appreciation to those who reached out to him he shared a personal experience that few people in this world can claim.

Since our web site's creation, a common theme has emerged about our time at APHS.  Simply put, many of us appreciate the wonderful group of dedicated teachers who in many cases have had a lasting impact on our lives.  One of those teachers is Serge Rey who, by the way, is an active member of our web site and attended our 50th reunion in October 2012.  During this holiday season and time of giving thanks and sharing gifts -- we thought it would be neat to share Coach's story with all our classmates -- so now with his permission, read on.

* * * * *

Time out -- before then, let’s take a brief glimpse at Coach Rey’s time at APHS and shortly before.  He attended West Chester State Teachers College and upon graduating in 1956 he was hired to teach at Asbury Park’s Bangs Avenue School.  While at West Chester State he was honored as an All-American soccer player for two years. Following graduation, he played for two professional soccer teams from Brooklyn and Newark.  Coach Rey retired from professional soccer in 1960 due to a serious knee injury. 

All-American Soccer Player at WCS

After only two years at Bangs Avenue he transferred our freshman year in 1958 to the High School.  And here’s an incredible tidbit – Serge Rey spent his entire teaching/coaching career at Asbury Park High School!

Coach Rey was blessed with many talents beyond teaching, coaching and soccer.  During summers in his earlier years at APHS he worked at Vacation Valley, a blooming Poconos resort near Echo Lake. 

Vacation Valley - Echo Lake

Originally hired as a lifeguard, Coach Rey gradually moved into the resort’s social entertainment arena both as a show emcee and song and dance performer.  

Show Emcee

Always the teacher -- he enjoyed schooling resort guests in Latin American dancing as well.  Remember -- Coach Rey was the only teacher who taught dancing in Phys Ed.  Now we know why – once a dancer always a dancer.

OK, time now to enjoy Coach's small world story in his own words...

* * * * *

First, let me thank you all for your wishes on my birthday.  Thank you so much as it is wonderful to be remembered.

Now for some Soccer history that even the experts may not know. 

Pele Pepe is still considered the greatest Soccer player ever. His name, however, is Edson, named after Thomas Edison but his parent's dropped the "i." His real name is Edson Arantes do Nascimiento. He adopted his known name by mirroring his favorite player's name who was a goaltender by the name of Bile. Having trouble pronouncing the name he inadvertently picked Pele. His second name was copied from the surname of the person who had taught him to play as a youngster Pasqual Pepe.


I am a member of the Atlantic Club, which is a gymnasium with a swimming pool located In Manasquan NJ. On entering the club you face the recognizing desk permitting your entrance. To shorten a long story, I held a conversation with a young lady working at the desk. She asked me if I was Italian and responded no, I am Spanish. She then said that she was Brazilian and that her father was a famous Soccer player who taught Pele how to play.  I then asked her if he was Pasqual Pepe. She almost collapsed and then asked me how I knew that. I responded that I had played three years as his teammate on the Newark Portuguese team in the American Soccer league.

This is for your information and you can share with others, keep it or get rid of it. Your choice.

The attachment contains a picture of the 1957 Newark Portuguese and the player kneeling in the middle of the first row is Pasqual Pepe. Perhaps you recognize someone with folded arms in the second row.

Serge Rey's 1957 Newark Portuguese Soccer Team

Again thank you all for remembering me and I would like to wish you and yours happy and healthy years to come.

Coach Rey


APHS Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

~Inducts Class of '62 Members~

Click  [  ] on bottom right screen after starting video for best view.


Can you believe it's been almost four years since Lou Mueller opened Mainstreet Pharmacy in his small hometown in Florida!  And not long thereafter, he opened a second pharmacy nearby.

As you might imagine Lou has not rested on his laurels.  Check out here his latest goings-on.

Way to go Lou!


Money Magazine confirms Asbury Park has regained its stature as the Jersey Shore's preeminent beach hotspot for locals and tourists alike.  Click here to read all about it!

For even more information go here for the Garden State's take on Asbury's rejuvenation and selection as the the SECOND BEST BEACH RESORT in the COUNTRY.

WOW !!!


Thanks to Steve Klitzman for bringing this to our attention and to Phil Schein (Class of '57) who alerted his APHS classsmate Linda Ben-Zvi, Steve's sister who lives in Israel and alerted Steve.  Did you get all that?




Main Street Pharmacy 

After countless months of meticulous planning and dealing with onerous government regulations Main Street Pharmacy opened its doors for business on March 26, 2015. 

Low Mueller and his partner were joined by state, county and town officials along with local residents to mark the special event.

CONGRATULATIONS LOU...the Class of 62 wishes you the very best! 



Grab a bag of popcorn and a cup of soda...make yourself comfortable and enjoy this brief glimpse into Lou Mueller's latest venture involving a small, quaint town in southwest Florida.   


Video courtesy of Lou's grandson, Tyler, who produced the film as part of an assignment for his studies at the University of Florida.


First Annual Steven C. Rubin APHS '62 Memorial Scholarship...

is awarded to junior Jaedon Stephens.  The full scholarship covers Jaedon's participation in MAC Testing's SAT Group Program and its Senior Writing Workshop for SAT prep.  MAC is a leading provider of student-centered teaching and learning college and graduate preparatory services and programs in the greater Shore area.

Valued at $5600 the scholarship allows Jaedon to participate in the same program Steve's three children attended when preparing for college entrance exams.  During the presentation Steve's wife, Helene, remembered how much Steve loved going back to APHS and telling the family about all the great friends and times he enjoyed there.  She went on to say that the scholarship is a wonderful way to memorialize Steven who passed away in November 2014.

Dr. "Mac" explained that to be named a Rubin Scholar "entails a lifelong obligation to do all in your power to reach out, to assist and to uplift those in your community who genuinely need help."  These and many more praiseworthy traits embody the spirit of Steve Rubin and of the scholarship celebrated in his honor.

Steve's fellow classmates are proud to call him one of our own and will always fondly remember him as will future generations of APHS students honored to be designated Rubin Scholars

Pictured with Jaedon are (l to r) Helene Rubin, his proud dad and mom George and Teresa Stephens and sister Georterra. 


Support Class Web Site Campaign...



You did it again...the Class of '62 is without doubt the "Leader of the Pack" especially when it counts the most.  Because of the generosity of many of our classmates the class treasury now has sufficient funds to continue for several more years.  In just seven days you pledged a little over $3000.

Both your financial support and active participation on the site help to ensure that we stay connected and the many friendships that were renewed during and since our 50th Reunion Celebration will be preserved for years to come.

It is our fervent hope that the site will continue to grow and present an entertaining forum where classmates can share stories about personal experiences, interests, family and the good times we had "cruising" the hallowed halls of APHS.

Thanks to all those who are the VERY BEST!


Did You Know...

that the Seahawk kicker featured in this story was a former student and long-time neighbor of a distinguished member of the Class of 1962 who spent Saturday's leading the Blue Bishops on the gridiron. Can you tell us who it is?  Send your answer here and we'll divulge who it is after the game. 

PHOENIX -- The framed, autographed picture of Adam Vinatieri from the kicker's greatest performance — against the Oakland Raiders in the 2001 divisional round — tells you all you need to know about Steven Hauschka's childhood fandom.

Haushcka is the 29-year-old placekicker for the Seahawks who happened to grow up in Needham, Mass. an enormous fan of the Patriots and of Vinatieri. He will see his former favorite team across the way Sunday, when he tries to win his second consecutive Super Bowl — and maybe replicate one of Vinatieri's other famous kicks to win the game.

"It's very fitting to play your childhood team. I grew up rooting for the Patriots," said Hauschka Tuesday. "When they won that first Super Bowl on Vinatieri's foot, that was the craziest thing."

Hauschka was a 16-year-old high schooler then, who hadn’t even started to play football seriously, and the idea of a Patriots dynasty seemed laughable.

"They're incredible, what they’ve done with different players every year," he said. "There's really only a couple of key guys that have been there. It shows you how important those key guys are and just the environment they have there."

In his fourth season in Seattle, Hauschka was 31-of-37 on the season, a step back from a 33-for-35 performance a year ago. Hauschka is 12-for-12 in his career in the postseason.


And the answer is...


Betty Ann Moore (Mela) who...

in addition to many other senior year activities was the Drum Majorette for the award-winning Blue Bishop Marching Band that so admirably performed at many school and community events including our popular Saturday afternoon football games.

Photos courtesy of Sue Umstead


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"Oh What a Night"...on second thought...Oh What a Year...then again...OH WHAT A CLASS!!!



...the GOOD, the Bad, and the Ugly 

Click here for a moving journey down memory lane.  Our generation's good times happily fostered good memories...while those that followed strive to recapture the "magic" that has sadly faded over time.

(Thanks to Gene Catalano, Howard Daniel, & Diane Fischer for bringing this poignant video to our attention.) 


United Kingdom's London Times touts Asbury Park as a Recommended Travel Destination 

Billed as "one of the birthplaces of American music" the writer encourages readers to visit the Jersey Shore and to take in its many attractions including Frank's Deli, the Stone Pony and Jimmy's Italian Restaurant on Asbury Avenue. 

A big thanks to Larry Wigdortz's wife Judy and son Brett, who currently resides in London, for bringing the article to our attention.  Imagine Brett's surprise when he came across the Times' article featuring his dad's hometown back in Jersey some 50 years plus since graduation and 3400 miles across the Atlantic.  A small world indeed!

Click here to read the May 11, 2014 London Times article.


...and if there was ever any question that the Jersey Shore is "one of the birthplaces of American music" as claimed by the London Times article and many other music industry sources -- check out this collage (and it's not all inclusive!!!) of Jersey performers through the years.

(Thanks to Lou Mueller for sending us the video.)


Have You Seen the Latest Addtions to Our Memorabilia Page???

  • Back in the 50' Video (Vinnie Gorman)


  • Those Were the Days (Lou Mueller)


  • Oldies but Goodies from the 1950's & 60's  (Vinnie Gorman)


  • NJ Stars - New Jersey & Jersey Shore's many contributions to the music world (Serge Rey)


  • The "Circuit" - how many times have you cruised Asbury's famous "Circuit" (Pat Boyd Thorne)


CLICK HERE To BEGIN YOUR JOURNEY...many thanks Serge and Pat for sharing -- do YOU have any nuggets to share with your clasmates??? 



  • Great turnout for all events
  • Camaraderie and friendship flourished
  • Wonderful memories rekindled





SURVEY Says...

GREAT RESPONSE!!! - 58% Classmate Participation


What did we learn about the Class of 1962...

  • Well-educated -- over three-quarters enrolled in college full-time after graduation and another 11% part-time
  • About 18% are VETERANS
  • Over half (55%) are retired while a quarter work full-time and 22% part-time
  • Wide range of occupations with strong emphasis in education
  • Three-quarters are married...a quarter of whom married high school sweethearts; 4% are single, 15% divorced and 9% widowed
  • Ninety percent have children and two-thirds are grandparents
  • After graduating 20% continued to live in NJ; while 26% lived in at least one other state and 43% have lived in two to five states
  • We're a mobile group...almost two-thirds lived or traveled outside US
  • Generosity comes natural---two-thirds (67%) volunteer for community service with 28% putting in 20 hours or more a week;  half are willing to gift APHS
  • Over half (53%) had never returned to APHS since graduating
  • Nearly half (48%) have a Facebook page

-Survey Results Confirm APHS Experience Prepared Class of '62 Graduates for Success-   

To see detailed responses for each question CLICK HERE and select View Survey Results.


Many thanks to Roy Kaplan for analyzing the survey responses and providing these highlights. 


Certainly, thanks to all those who submitted your survey response.  For without your participation this would not have been possible.  Hope you had a little fun and enjoy viewing the results. 


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Sandy Relief Fund - Final Result


We are pleased to report that a check for the sum of $1758 was delivered, prior to Christmas, on behalf of the APHS Class of 1962 to the American Red Cross Jersey Coast Chapter to aid Sandy relief efforts in Monmouth and Ocean Counties.

BIG THANKS is extended to the TWENTY CLASSMATES who participated for their geneorsity and support for this worthy cause.